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I noticed this article today:…
and decided to look back at old Saturday morning cartoons.   Many of them featured a stock transformation (tf scene) in each episode.  Here's my abridged list of cartoons that repeatedly used tf scenes or made them a primary theme:

1967 - "Mighty Mightor," superhero tf
1967 - "Samson & Goliath," superhero tf, dog --> lion tf
1978 - "Fangface," werewolf tf
1979 - "Fred and Barney Meet the Thing," superhero tf
1980 - "Drak Pack," werewolf tf
1980 - "Super Friends," object / animal tf (Wonder Twins)
1981 - "Shazam!," superhero tf
1983 - "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe," superhero tf
1984 - "Turbo Teen," human <--> car tf
1985 - "She-Ra, Princess of Power," superheroine tf
1986 - "Teen Wolf," werewolf tf
1987 - "Dinosaucers," anthro-dinosaur tf
1987 - "Tigersharks," human <--> aquatic superhero tf
1991 - "Hammerman," superhero tf
1994 - "Street Sharks," wereshark tf

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